About us

For us, the human choice to contribute through actions, to both society and ecology, is a key for the future. Our contribution is to support people in collaborating, learning and working for such choices and actions. We also do research based on the need of the experience, knowledge and skills from several professions and disciplines, in order to find sustainable and contributing solutions for an improved global and local situation.

We have a long experience of the agricultural academic world as well as consultancy. We also have a background and experience of practical farm work.

Inspire Action and Research AB is an Institute for sustainability transitions in action and systemic research.

About Jan Eksvärd

Jan has been employed at the Federation of Swedish Farmers for many years as an expert on Sustainable development with focus on food production. Among the areas of his engagement are resource efficiency, GMO, organic production, plant protection, sewage systems, development of sustainable cities for which he recieves great appriciation. He often participates in seminars, debates and gives university lectures. He is active in research project evaluation groups at Vinnova and Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning and is also member of the Monitoring board at the Swedish Chemical Agency.

About Karin Eksvärd

There are few things that give me such joy as meetings and collaborations with farmers and other practitioners. Still I can lose myself in scientific matter and forget time while finishing a report. How the natural possibilities and human intention and capability, collaborate and create a place of production, diversity and beauty is just fascinating, both in practical and theoretical settings.

When should someone hire you?

Whenever they need someone who has their mind set on win-win-win solutions and who meets the best in people but is not afraid to point out the problems. With the overall picture in focus I keep well track of the details and have experience of academic, business and practical work.