References & Publications

“Inspire Action and Research has enhanced the understanding of farming ecosystems by smallholder farmers, hence contributing to improvement of their livelihoods”. Prof. Charles Ssekyewa

“It is easy and inspiring to work toghether with Karin. She will not leave a commision until it with care is understood, planed, well executed and followed up to be in good quality for the customer”. Gabriella, Nordic Quality Consulting

“I appreciate Karin’s professionalism, the insightful reflections, the responsibility taken for the project and the high quality of what she does“. Prof. Lennart Salomonsson

Examples of earlier work and publications:

Agroecology in Practice – Walking the talk.
By: Eksvärd,K, Lönngren, G., Cuadra, M., Francis, C., Johansson, B., Namanji, S., Rydberg, T., Ssekyewa, C., Gissén, C., Salomonsson, L. 2014.  Department of Urban and Rural Development. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Download here.

Assessing ecosystem services in perennial intercropping systems –participatory action research in Swedish modern agroforestry
By: Björklund, 
J., Eksvärd, K., Schaffer, C. 2014. . In: Farming systems facing global challenges: Capacities and strategies The 11th European IFSA Symposium, 1-4 April 2014 in Berlin.

Integrating Participatory Learning and Action Research and Systems Ecology: A Potential for Sustainable Agriculture Transitions.
By: Eksvärd, K., Rydberg, T. 2010.  Systemic Practice and Action Research, 23(6): 467-486. Down load here.

Facilitating systemic research and learning and the transition to agricultural sustainability.
By: Eksvärd, K. 2010.  Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension: 16 (3) 265-280 Down load here

Gå en mil i mina skor… … på väg mot samförvaltning.
Av: Eksvärd, K., Hallgren, L., Lönngren, G., Norrby, T., Tivell, A., Westberg, L., Byström. M. 2006.  Working paper 8. Institutionen för stad och land, SLU, och Centrum f biologisk mångfald. Ladda hem här.